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As a membership association, the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) focuses on promoting best practice and raising industry standards. Its many activities, which include policy, governance and corporate responsibility, education and training, information, networking and the ESA Awards, all have these goals as their core objectives.

ESA's reach encompasses all types of sponsorship activity from sport, broadcast, education, the arts and culture through to environment and the community.

Further details of all our activities can be found within these pages.

Karen Earl, Chairman

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(3 July 2014)
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(2 July 2014)
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ESA Events and Meetings »

1 July 2014: 2015 Diploma enrolment opens

11 September 2014: Entries open for 2014 ESA Excellence Awards

24 September 2014: ESA Rights Holder Briefing – Your Customer is My Customer: the creation of a genuine partnership model?

2 December 2014: ESA Diploma Graduation Ceremony



ESA Sponsorship Summit